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The Saarkepedia searchable database supporting the Elsuon fantasy series will

be online in the coming weeks.

The Saarkepedia will be comprehensive with

entries from the Elsuon 10-part series, as well

as the Yale and Kurca series as well.

The site will include maps and illustrations as they are produced as well as a Gallery for any fan-generated artwork that is submitted.

Release updates, email alerts, and other scheduling information, as well as donation and e-commerce portals will be available too.

I hope you enjoy wandering around the

world of Elsuon.

Riddling through the Perch of the Gorgons and skirting the baffling Valley of the Moon Seeds, they came to a wild and lustrous country framed by rivers of fire and braced by unbreakable ranges of white rock.

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Chapter 6 - The Shrine of the Star-Mover