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In the Vyn Vanir language, the term sequeyon (se-KWEY-on) literally means 'things following things' and refers to an encyclopedia from the Northern Fortunes.

​Like the other works from The World of Elsuon, the Sequeyon will be published in volumes providing the historical context of the events of the Elsuon series: the Nymirians, their exodus from their frozen homeland, the Winter of the Armangantian, the perilous crossing of the Sea of Serenity, the founding of the Eastern Fortunes, and more.


Forthcoming volumes of the Sequeyon will be focused on books as they are published, such as Savage Errands and The Daughter of Daerogos series.


The Sequeyon will include histories, poems, prophecies, hymns, diagrams, maps, religions, myths, cultures, creatures, ancient races, biographies, battles, and other details behind the events of The World of Elsuon.

“Pride does not wound. Pride is the wound, the first of injuries. It comes not from without but within, from a place one cannot plumb,” the Exile lamented. “This is the cold gospel and ultimate error of Rove Kisaya.”

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Chapter 11 - Andom the Exile