Thank you for choosing to visit The World of Elsuon.

In writing Elsuon and the other installments in The World of Elsuon,
I wanted to offer the reader an intelligent, imaginative, and edifying work. By this I mean, Elsuon is not a dark and amoral series intent on recreating every bruise, every slash, every wail, and every atrocity of human history in grisly, demoralizing grimdark fashion. Many enjoy such work, and certainly many authors have prospered by such style. 

Elsuon is something else entirely, including vast. I do hope you will take a look around. 


Again, I thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy The World of Elsuon series. 


David Jetrè

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“Pride does not wound. Pride is the wound, the first of injuries. It comes not from without but within, from a place one cannot plumb,” the Exile lamented. “This is the cold gospel and ultimate error of Rove Kisaya.”

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Chapter 11 - Andom the Exile